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Breakfast & Lunch Rolls
Puccia (Pooch-A)

Our unique sourdough bread is authentically crafted in the heart of Italy,
we call it ‘Puccia‘ (pronounced Pooch-A).

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About Us

Have you ever had a breakfast that left you wanting more?

We did too. That’s why we created our Big, Bold & Beautiful Puccia’s. We wanted breakfast to be big enough to keep you satisfied, be bold in flavour, and as eye-catching as it is appetizing.

Our journey started with a simple idea – breakfast should leave you feeling full, happy, and ready to roll through your day with vibrant energy. The base for our breakfast & lunch rolls, is our special Puccia (Pooch-A), a Traditional stone baked sourdough bread from Italy. Our ‘Big Puccia’ takes the best of both worlds – combining the rustic charm of ciabatta with the fluffy comfort of a crumpet. It’s more than just bread; it’s the perfect carrier for RISE AND ROLL’S mouth-watering morning offers.

At Rise and Roll, we’re all about quality, plain and simple.

We pick the most tasteful ingredients to ensure every bite is packed with freshness and flavour. Our commitment to perfection means each puccia is carefully handcrafted, from the initial dough knead to the finishing garnish. We take pride in delivering top-notch breakfasts, lunches, and everything in between, ensuring satisfaction in every bite of your morning meal.

So, if you’ve ever craved a breakfast that’s hearty, flavourful, and beautiful to behold, you’ve come to the right place. Rise and Roll is all about making your mornings better, ensuring you start your day on the right note.

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